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CNE = Communicare Necesse Est

CNE Consulting AB is a Swedish consulting company for strategic and technical business development mainly using Swedish or Scandinavian inventions of products and services.


At the start in 1994, when Sweden became the “European Klondike” for telecom, the Company focus was on services for new Swedish telecom operators with Sven Modig as the founder having decades of experience in radio positioning research (the Swedish Defence Institute) and mobile telecom services (the Swedish telecom incumbent Telia) in leading positions. The Company started several new telecom companies either as subsidiaries or in partnerships, one of them introducing the world’s first public hot-spot (WiFi) in Stockholm, but now most of the companies are incorporated in larger organisations.

Since 1999 the Company focus has become more international developing concepts of various Broadband Services for countries in the Middle East and Africa with great demands for Internet services, both domestic and international, as well as for video surveillance services and other applications and value-added services.

Nowadays, the Company is working within several parallel business fields together with its personal networks and partners but still with interesting inventions.



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