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Pilgrim Identification Services

Millions of Muslims are visiting Mecca every year doing the Pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah). Being so many people within a fairly small area causes security issues to care about. There could be disorder problems or health problems for the authorities to face. The purpose of this Concept is to help the authorities to solve such problems.

Today, the pilgrim gets an identification badge, since all his personal belongings are left in favour to the Ihram Towels. This ID would instead be in form of a GPS equipped communication device with only one push-button. The pilgrim may choose a specific ID-device depending on language, cultural or other matter.

If the pilgrim gets a problem and needs official help, he might only press the button on the ID-device. In this way the pilgrim will get in immediate contact with a Service Centre speaking his own language (like a customer support service). The centre knows exactly where in the Mecca area the pilgrim is located and can, depending on the nature of the problem, direct the pilgrim where to go or send some help to him e.g. an ambulance.